We Serve.


As a program we place a lot of emphasis on giving back to the community. Our students are expected, regardless of their competitive success or interest, to serve as mentors in the community to others interested in debate and better discourse. For some, this means actively building programs at local area middle and high schools, or giving up entire weekends to serve as volunteer judges. For others, this means putting on public exhibition debates on campus on controveersial topics, or mdoerating forums between other staff, students and faculty.


In Fall 2015, the 20 students who make up the Seawolf Debate Program students volunteered 374 hours.


They spent 116 hours working with middle school students on writing cases, training teachers, and providing feedback to young, aspiring debaters. In high schools we gave 208 hours to adminstering high school tournaments and serving as critical judges for competitive speech and debate events. We spent another 50 hours putting on public debates for UAA and groups like the Arctic Council Youth Forum and Commonwealth North. All of this our students completed while maintaining a robust practice and competitive travel schedule, in addition to their academic work.


This Spring, we challenge you to join us in our commitment to service by pledging your dollars to our service, in our Seawolf Debate Service-A-Thon.



How it Works:


1) Determine your giving level

Decide how much you'd like to pledge based on the number of hours you think Seawolf Debaters will volunteer during the spring semester (January 1- April 30) . This number can be changed at any time by contacting us.


2) Make your pledge

Tell us about your commitment to be added to our list of generous supporters and receive monthly updates about the number of service hours completed and work we're doing.


3) Donate

On April 30, we will tally our total number of service hours and contact you with instructions on making your donation (up to 500 hours).

If we complete 500 hours of service then your gift looks like this:


10¢ pledge = $50 


25¢ pledge = $125 


50¢ pledge = $250 


$1 pledge = $500


$3 pledge = $1500


$5 pledge = $2500


**Gifts will not exceed 500 hour level