Faculty Resources for Engaging Debate


We highly recommend encouraging your students to participate in the many opportunities we offer UAA students, including events like the Cabin Fever Debates, our intramural debating tournament. We also host a number of public debates throughout the year. Below are several assignments you can use as a template for including active attendance at any of our debate events in your curriculum. Simply click the name of the assignment to view.


Notetaking Assignment: This assignment is intended for anyone observing or participating in the debate.



Participant Assignment:  Have participants critique themselves by identifying three shortcomings in their speech.  Then, outline a new speech and explain what makes it more effective.



Observation Assignment:  This is a reflective essay designed to get students thinking about who won the debate and why.



Observation Assignment (Alternate):  This is a reflective essay designed to get students to make connections between the debate and your content area.  (Note: While most debates can and do involve multiple disciplines, that is not always the case.)