In the spirit of our mission to promote civil discourse and debate in the community, the Seawolf Debate Program sponsors a number of events for a broad audience in Alaska. From our hallmark spring exhibition debates to competitive leagues for middle school, high school and UAA students not active on the competitive team, there are many opportunities for you to get involved. We'd love to have your participation and support. Please check out the individual program pages for more information.

The Arguing Alaska Debate Series is a cooperative project between Seawolf Debate and Alaska Dispatch News to engage local policy experts in public exhibition debates on topics relevant to questions of public policy relevant to our community.

It has become customary each spring to host a competitive team that UAA normally faces on the intercollegiate debating circuit in Anchorage for an exhibition match against two members of the Seawolf Debate team.

The Cabin Fever Debates, held each spring semester, is an intramural tournament for UAA students not active with the competitive debate team to try what it is we do in a low pressure competition with cash prizes.

The Middle School Public Debate Program is a competitive debate league for middle school students. Participation is at the discretion of individual schools and has grown from our intiial pilot of the program with 3 area middle schools to 9 in just a few short years.

The high school debate circuit is overseen by the Alaska School Activities Association. In addition to hosting the state championship in February, UAA is proud to offer our debaters regularly as coaches and judges for regional competitions.

The Northern Lights Open is a one-weekend debate competition held each spring for high school students in the format the Seawolf Debate Program participates in, known as Bristish Parliamentary or Worlds-style debate.