cabin feber debates CFD

The Seawolf Debate team is proud to present the twelfth annual Cabin Fever Debates Intramural Debating Tournament.  The tournament is an opportunity for UAA students to hone critical thinking and advocacy skills while competing for great prizes. The tournament is only for people with little to no experience, so you will only be competing against other newcomers! 






Held each year in the Spring semester, the Cabin Fever Debates provide UAA students not active on the competitive Seawolf Team the opportunity to give academic debating a try.  Designed for students with little or no competitive experience, the tournament will expose you to the fundamentals of debating and offer the chance to compete for a great prize package.


We believe strongly in the value of debate training for teaching the tools of civil discourse and are committed to extending those opportunities to UAA's student body through our intramural debate tournament.


For more information, please contact Steve Johnson at 786-4391